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Unidentified trees

Green Cedar and Cedar Windfall
Item Description: This is a photograph of a cedar tree. There is also a tree in the photograph that appears to have been chopped down. "showing green cedar and cedar windfall. windfall still sound"

[Unidentified Trees #1]
I tem Description: A group of unidentified trees.

[Unidentified Trees #2]
Item Description: A photograph of an unidentified group of trees.
The writing on the back of the photograph is in german.

[Trees and Mountains]
Item Description: This is a photograph of a forest with some mountains
in the background. The trees and the location are unidentified.

[Lake #1]
Item Description: This photograph shows some trees on the shore of an unidentified lake.

[Lake #2]
Item Description: Another photograph of trees near an unidentified lake. The trees
on the hillside in the background appear to be in the process of being cut down.

[Lake #3]
Item Description: This is a photograph of an unidentified lake.
There is a building visible on the shore of the lake.