Welcome to the Museum of general motors & dynamics of ephemerology


There are a number of organisations that belong to The Museum family, below you can find links to some of them.

Society for the appreciation of contemporary Cargo Cults

Institute for the research of anomalies

Black Cloud Order

Folklorist anonymous

Lost Vuitton

The Museum also feels affiliated to a number of institutions, some of them listed below.

The Center for Land use interpretation

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Attic Ted

The Cannibal Museum




The GM Musem is back online after some reconstruction. The online
version of the Museum will
continue to grow and develop.
Museum Sections of today are as follows:

#1 A childlike cloudformation

#2 Unidentified trees

#3 The Asylum Choir

#4 A very peculiar peoples portrait

#5 The Voynich Manuscript

#6 Theme from Psycho

#7 Lake of Swords restored